Monsoon rain brings cheer for farmers in Kendrapara


Kendrapara, June 22

The eagerly awaited monsoon that hit the coastal district of Kendrapara on Wednesday has brought cheers for the farmers in the district.

Accustomed to cope with scorching heat in June, the farmers on Tuesday    woke up to a pleasant morning with the sky covered with clouds accompanied by a gentle breeze and a light shower.

The rainfall brought down the maximum temperature to 30ºC, ten degrees below normal that prevails in the areas at this time of the year.  Many other parts of the state witnessed cloudy condition, which was accompanied by rainfall.

Mitrodoya Das the Deputy Director of Agriculture(DDA)  of Kendrapara said : “This rainfall  at the right time would be beneficial for the paddy crop. The monsoon is crucial for agricultural operations,”.

With monsoon reaching several areas on Friday, people enjoyed cloudy weather at many places and farmers rejoiced arrival of monsoon in the nick of time. Farmers who were apprehensive of irrigating their standing paddy saplings heaved a sigh of relief as rains came although a bit late, said Bhikari Charan Mohanty a farmer of Ichhapur village.

Erratic monsoon with scanty fall forces farmers to solely depend upon the canal water and ground water for raising paddy crop. The ground water level has been constantly falling for the last ten years thereby increasing the expenses of farmers with respect to electricity, water and fuel requirements. The cost of irrigation would be reduced  after the arrival of the monsoon within first week of June. The monsoon is crucial for the kharif crop and farmers rejoiced over the arrival of rains. Monsoon rains are key for cultivation of kharif crops which account for nearly 65 percent of both the districts’ agricultural output , said Bijay Kumar Parida  the president of district Krusaka Sangha.

“We are extremely happy after the arrival of monsoon. Besides, a lot of advantages have come along with the arrival of rains at the right time for the cultivation of paddy. Now we won’t require generators to irrigate our lands by spending more money, ” said Madan Mohan Jena a farmer of Pattamundai.

In this  coastal district, the arrival of monsoon at this time have certainly proved to be a boon as the level of groundwater was constantly falling for last ten years. Besides the rising pressure on electricity in paddy and jute cultivation will also decrease.

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