Jio Cricket Play Along wins the ‘Best Use of Mobile Marketing’ Award

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Jio Cricket Play Along initiative has won the “Best Use of Mobile Marketing” award at the prestigious Global Mobile (GLOMO) Awards 2019 at MWC19 Barcelona.

Jio Cricket Play Along is an experiential marketing campaign that let users experience cricket on TV and Mobile simultaneously in a real time and interactive manner.

The GLOMO Awards recognize and celebrate the best of the best, highlighting the technologies, products, companies and individuals that are pushing the boundaries of ingenuity and innovation to create a better future.

“Jio Cricket Play Along brought people together to celebrate the most loved sport in the country by turning spectators into participants, getting India closer to Cricket, their favourite teams and players. This award is testimony to the success of the highly engaging experience that this initiative presented for cricket fans on their mobile phones,” Jio said in a statement.

The concept to blend cricket which is the most popular game in India with an interactive and immersive mobile application was well embraced by Indian viewers with over 100 million unique participation and millions of hours of engagement on the platform, Jio said.



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