BJP, Congress protest attack on cops inside PS


The Odisha units of Congress and BJP have sharply attacked the ruling BJD for the Sunday night attack by its youth wing leaders on four culprits already in police custody as well as on the police officers at the Sahidnagar police station, and questioned the Commissionerate police for its inaction in arresting the assailants.

Both the major political parties said here in separate statements today that 20-25 armed Biju Yuva Bahini members attacked four culprits inside the police station compound Sunday night when the police officers of Sahidnagar PS had arrived in the PS compound after arresting them from VSS Nagar following an incident of violence.

“When the officers on duty, Biranchi Narayan Pati, SI, Mohan Charan Hembram, SI and Abhoy Rout, ASI, tried to protect the culprits in their custody, the armed assailants also attacked the officers. As a result, Abhoy Rout got multiple head injuries and was later treated with six stitches.”

The Congress and the BJP leaders said if this is the state of affairs in the Capital city of Bhubaneswar, and that too inside a police station, the situation elsewhere is easily imaginable.

They questioned the inaction of the Commissionerate police in arresting the assailants.

The BJP leaders today also staged a sit-in before the DCP office demanding immediate arrest of the assailants.

Police Commissioner Satyajit Mohanty told the media that the culprits had been identified and steps were being taken to arrest them soon.

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