“BhuNav” App to help navigate epicentre of World Cup Hockey at Kalinga Stadium

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Bhubaneswar, Dec 11

For fans of hockey and stadium visitors and the Fan Village enthusiasts wishing a glimpse of the action-packed sporting activities over the Odisha Hockey Men’s World Cup-2018, and keep a memory of their lifetime, a new App, “BhuNav” has come as a wonderful tool to navigate and help as way finding tool.

“BhuNav” is an indoor GPS and provides directions on a map for various places inside the Odisha Hockey Men’s World Cup-2018 stadium complex.

The App has a built-in navigation system similar to Google Maps to help users find points of interest (POI’s) or people inside buildings.

Developed for Bhubaneswar Smart City Limited (BSCL) and Hockey Federation of India by IT major Honeywell, which is also a stakeholder for creating the IT infrastructure across the city, “BhuNav” is helping the visitors to navigate the massive 5,000 square yards stadium.

Odisha Hockey Men’s World Cup-2018 is being held at the Kalinga Stadium Complex. 16 top hockey-playing nations are participating in the 19 day-long event, the facility is witnessing a massive crowd of 1 million from across the globe.

The “BhuNav” App is different from the traditional navigational services as it not only shows the path, but also helps one to navigate between multiple floors i.e. one can view the transit from one floor to another.

The App can get one user other information as well and in future would add other indoor locations in the city, after the Hockey World Cup

The new App helps citizens to connect with the stadiums, museums, government facilities across the city. However, presently only Kalinga Stadium Complex is connected to the App.

This App could be 3used in several different areas of the stadium. It can help citizens to find the points of interest (like FAN village, parking, restrooms, food stalls, entry-exits etc.) and helps to enhance user convenience and experience.

The app provides user’s current location on the map in real time with a blue dot. It helps in share location facility, save locations in visiting list and most importantly, provide offline navigation.

The Android version of the “BhuNav” App is available at Google Play store while the iOS version is available in the App Store of Apple.

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